Sushi Combo Box Birthday Cake

This cake is a Chocolate Mousse cake that Evelyn ordered for her husband, Michael,’s birthday. She said that her husband likes sushi and she saw the Sushi Ice-cream Cake that I made for my hubby’s birthday in May, so she wanted to order a sushi cake too. But I want to make something different from last time, so I made a square cake instead of round. And the sushi on top have different look too!

Evelyn told me yesterday that the cake tastes very good and her husband loves it a lot! I feel so happy to hear that. The Cake inside is Red Velvet, with Chocolate Mousse and Crunchy White Chocolate Pearl. I personally don’t like chocolate, but the Chocolate Mousse recipe that Chef Sam gave me really change my mind. So I decided to use it for this order, no wonder why her family likes it. Thanks you Chef for a wonderful recipe! And Happy Birthday Michael!!!

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