Strawberry Milky Mousse Entremets



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Another Thomas the Train and Little Spiders Birthday Cake


Last year, I made one three-tier Thomas the Train Cake for Simon’s 3rd Birthday. He was so happy with the cake that this year, for his 4th birthday, he asked for another Thomas the Train cake. But for this year theme, Simon was very much into little spiders (I remember he asked me to draw a spider on his face at the Moon Cake festival fair when I was doing Face Drawing service 😀 ). That’s why he requested little spiders on his birthday cake as well.

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Chocolate Framboise


I was once working as a pastry assistant at Bonjour Patisserie, SOMA, San Francisco. And when the Pastry Chef was going on vacation, he trusted me enough to let me in charge for a couple days. I was thrilled at that time and wanted to bring my own decorating skills to some of the cakes at the bakery. This Chocolate Framboise (AKA Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake) was one of them.

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Sophia’s 1st Birthday Cake and Emily’s 3rd Birthday Cake


This is Sophia’s 1st Birthday Cake. She was born in the year of Dragon. That’s why her parents wanted me to make a Dragon Themed Birthday Cake for her. Cause there are two birthday Parties going at the same day and at the same place, and the number of people are not so many. So I decided to make the top tier fake. Yes! It’s foam inside and I still covered it with fondant and decorated like a regular cake. The second tier / bottom tier is edible and is actually Matcha/Green Tea Tiramisu, covered with a thin layer of buttercream and edible print image cause my friends didn’t like to eat fondant that much 🙂 Continue reading

Mimi’s 4th Birthday Cake and Vani’s 2d Birthday Cake

Hôm Chủ Nhật vừa rồi là SN của bé Mimi và bé Vani. Sinh nhật của 2 bé gần ngày nhau nên ba mẹ của 2 bé quyết định tổ chức gộp thành một buổi tiệc chung, nhưng đặt 2 ổ bánh sinh nhật khác nhau cho 2 bé. Mimi tuổi con chuột và thích ăn chocolate nên chị Huyên, mẹ của bé đặt bánh có theme hình con chuột và vị bánh chocolate.

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2012 Holiday Season

Hi all! Happy Holiday everyone 🙂 I was super busy this holiday season making Buche de Noel and Customized birthday cakes, ordered by Bonjour Customers. Here are the quick updates of my recent works. Just want to share with you :love:
1) New Creation: Pistachio Rose and Raspberry Macaron Cake. The colors show Christmas spirit and the flavor is outstanding!

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